7 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign Lead Generation

marketingThere’s no doubt that email marketing is one of the most promising internet marketing techniques, especially when it comes to leads. Research has shown email marketing to be the best strategy that online marketers can leverage for more leads and conversions. 81% of respondents in a Marketing Sherpa report gave email marketing as their chief source of leads.

However, there is much more to email marketing than just creating a list and sending periodic emails. Careful thought and strategy should be put into the entire process, just like you would any other strategy. What is your ultimate goal? How can you achieve it? What are the interests of your consumers? How can you reduce opt-outs?

Below are a few key factors that make up your email strategy, and how you can leverage then for a successful online lead generation and conversions:

1.      Subject line

Choose a relevant personal subject line, on which will build relationships, rather than facilitate a transaction. Another method may be to write action-oriented subject lines or those which have a directive related to the email content e.g. “download this whitepaper” or “register for our webinar”. Personalizing the subject line could also be effective: “John, download our whitepaper on…”Ensure that your subject lines are split tested so that you can find out the best strategy for that target audience and/or product.

2.      Brevity

You don’t have to use one email to share everything. If you’re a financial advisor looking for online lead generation services, for instance, focus on just one thing. The end-goal of all email communication should be for the recipient to do a certain thing. Be brief and engaging to maximize your chances.

3.      Design

Incorporate HTML as well as responsive design layouts, with images, when possible. The human brain processes pictures faster than text, so the recipient will get the message faster. However, remember that the recipients accessing emails on laptop or desktop PCs will most likely find that the images are blocked, depending on their anti-virus system. Ensure therefore that your important content does not wholly depend on the visibility of the image.

4.      Call to action

Carefully choose your call to action (CTA) – make it focused, compelling and easy to follow through with. If you have a CTA inside your subject line, reinforce the message right at the beginning of the body content. Include a button or link directing the recipient to information content or a landing page which has shareable content like videos or other content types. Keep your CTA short and sweet: clarity, simplicity, and brevity. Period!

5.      The offer

This is the most important element in any lead generation email strategy. You must offer unique value within your content, as well as address the recipient’s specific issues. The perceived value you offer should be greater than the risk associated with giving their personal information.

6.      Information capture

Once the recipient has responded, don’t give in to the urge to ask for too much information all at once. For prospects, all you need is a first name and email address. The average consumer knows the implications of revealing their email address; by keeping your information request brief, you can overcome their reluctance.

Image27.      The nurture funnel

Finally, once you have a successful lead, there should be a solid plan to send periodic follow-up emails (not too many) which will move the lead further along the sales cycle. One strategy is to have automated responses set up, containing useful information that is valuable to the prospect. Share information generously: you will win minds, hearts and finally sales.