Roadmap for Email Marketing in Lead Generation

What would you do if someone calls your company and requests some information about your products? Maybe you have recently participated in a trade fair where tens of customers visited your booth but never made any purchases. If you never followed up on these potential customers, then your business is not leveraging lead generation to survive in the tough modern business world.

Lead Generation Oversight

Lead generation is all about capturing the interest of potential future customers. Mostly, digital channels are used and according to statistics, email marketing happens to be the most effective. A study by Gigaom Research says over 85% of marketers believe email marketing is the most effective lead generation tool.

A survey by McKinsey & Company says emails are 40 times better in acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter. The Aberdeen Group, on the other hand, adds that email marketing can increase conversion rates by over 50%.

Creating an Effective Email Marketing Roadmap

  • Customer Data: The first step in successful email marketing is taking an inventory of your company‚Äôs database, customer behavior analytics from your website and other sale points and all information that you have regarding people who have contacted you in the past.
  • Marketing Automation Software: Handling all this data and then sending out emails is almost impossible. This is where invaluable automation software comes in handy to help you create email marketing tracks. You can then send the relevant information streams to the right audience without much hassle.
  • The Actual Email: Make sure you have a suitable subject line, brief content and integrate social media in your email marketing.
  • The Real Action: While most marketers wax lyrical about online marketing most rarely do it. You need to create the heartbeat of your email marketing which can be a weekly or monthly target of emails to a specific audience. You can also go for calendar driven scheduling especially around important holidays such as Fourth of July and Christmas. Lastly, you should also ensure your software can respond to behavioral triggers from your prospects.
  • Using Incentives: Digital marketing is all about innovation and by giving email opt-in with relevant incentives, you can easily gain a competitive edge in lead generation. From concert tickets to smartphones, there are myriad incentives to choose from.
  • Explore all Touch Points: If you must look for all areas where you can generate leads from subscriptions to newsletters, online survey forms to customer care calls.
  • Leverage videos: According to Forrester Research video clips can increase click-through-rate for your emails by over 400%. Gated videos and relevant content in all your online platforms are a unique way of increasing your prospects.
  • Optimize Your Website: Once your prospects click on your email, they might want to check your landing page. Make sure your content is regularly updated. If you have a blog, make sure you post regularly to increase lead generation.

When your email market starts drawing in leads, ensure you have a nurturing campaign to retain them. There might be challenges along the way but with the measurable marketing remains the most effective technique for your lead generation campaign.